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Basketball Rules: How To Play Basketball

There are many different types of sports. However, these sports vary with the level of play, the location, and the type of the game. Basketball is a type of game that has many lovers. It has its rules that govern it to ensure the game is good for players and spectators.

The rules of basketball are due to variations, and the majority of them have similar rules. For a team to win in this game, it should be having the highest number of points at the end. So that to get the point, the player has to throw the basketball into opponent’s hoop. Every score has different points depending on the way it’s scored.

For example, shooting a free throw will give 1 point, shooting from outside is three points and within three-point line, the team gets two points. We mention some basic rules below, but for detail study about basketball game must follow Champs Hoops basketball blog.

Basket Ball Offense Rules

While playing basketball, the offense team in the game is the one having basketball. If the player holds the basketball, there are different rule he should follow:

  • The player is supposed to dribble or bounce basketball with a single hand, but both feet should be moving. In case both his hands will touch the ball or even stops dribbling, he only has to move one foot. The stationery foot in basketball is referred to as pivot foot.
  • If the player is dribbling, he only has to take one turn. It means that after dribbling; don’t have to take another dribble. If the player starts another dribble, it’s referred as a double-dribbling violation, and the ball will be rewarded to the opponent team.
  • The ball has to stay in bounds. In case the offensive team will lose out of bounds, it’s when the opponent controls the ball.
  • For a player to dribble, he should be on top of that basketball. In case they touch at the bottom when they are dribbling, it’s an offense called carrying the ball. The opponent team wins the ball.
  • If the offensive team crosses half of the court, they won’t go back into the backcourt. If they do so, it will be termed as backcourt violation.

Basketball Defensive Rules

The team without the basketball is the one defending the ball, and therefore called defensive dribbling

  • While playing, the main rule that a defensive player observes is to avoid foul. If it occurs, it becomes an unfair advantage because of physical contact. The referee will make some interpretations, although the defensive player doesn’t have to touch offensive player such that the offensive player will miss a shot or even end up losing the ball.

Basketball Rules Governing All Players

Every player in the court is subjected to observe these rules while playing basketball:

  • The basketball player is not allowed to hit the ball with the fist.
  • The foul might be described as a defensive rule, but it has to apply to all players that are in the court.
  • No player is allowed to touch the ball as it travels downward while traveling to basket or when on the rim. It’s a foul called goaltending.

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